Our standard SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS (SLA) include:

Unlimited monthly remote support on all workstations specified in the contract 
Remote support is currently offered Monday – Friday 08h00 – 17h00, unless otherwise specified.
On-Site call outs if required or if a problem cannot be resolved remotely.
Management of maintenance of servers and workstations, updates and services packs.
Management of backup systems (provided the client has made provision for this).
LAN, E-mail and internet management. General troubleshooting.
Free IT Consulting on upgrades, best solutions practices etc.
Virus software management and updates.
Virus, spyware, malware removal.
Temp stock of monitors, keyboards, screen cards, mice, during repair or replacement time.
10% - 1% COD Discounts on all purchases on all IT Equipment (Hardware & Software) from World of Domains

The SL Agreement does NOT include:

Hardware repair (Due to failures of all kinds).
Operating systems re-installs | Redo’s – these will be quoted accordingly.
Desktop, server upgrades - these will be quoted accordingly.
Maintenance, repair and servicing of all types of external peripherals i.e. printers, plotters etc. - these will be quoted accordingly.
Consumable supplies (i.e. Print Cartridges, stationery etc.) these will be quoted accordingly.
Data backups – unless initially stipulated in contract.

*On-Site call outs will be included in monthly fee if stipulated on the original contract.

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